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Robert N.  Weinreb, MD

Robert N. Weinreb, MD

Chair and Distinguished Professor, Ophthalmology
Director, Shiley Eye Institute
Director, Hamilton Glaucoma Center
Morris Gleich, M.D. Chair in Glaucoma
Distinguished Professor, Bioengineering
Board Certification in Ophthalmology

Specialty Glaucoma
Medical School Harvard Medical School
Residency University of California, San Francisco
Fellowship University of California, San Francisco
Special Interest Glaucoma Surgery, Optic neuropathy and aging of the eye, Cell and molecular biology of uveoscleral outflow, Imaging of the optic disc and retinal nerve fiber layer, Mechanisms of optic nerve damage in glaucoma, Neuroprotection in glaucoma, Measurement of intraocular pressure, Drug delivery to eye, Cataract Surgery
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Biography available in Chinese and Spanish.

Robert N. Weinreb, M.D. is the Chair and Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California, San Diego as well as Director of the Shiley Eye Institute and the Director of the Hamilton Glaucoma Center. He also holds the Morris Gleich MD Chair of Glaucoma and also is appointed as Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering. Dr. Weinreb graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed his residency and fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Weinreb is a clinician, a surgeon and a scientist. He oversees all clinical activities at the Shiley Eye Institute and within the Department of Ophthalmology. As the Director of the Hamilton Glaucoma Center, Dr. Weinreb also oversees a world-renowned team of scientists and staff dedicated to glaucoma. Patients from throughout the world seek his medical and surgical expertise.

Dr. Weinreb’s clinical and research interests are diverse and range from the front of the eye to the back of the eye. They include glaucoma surgery, optic neuropathy and aging of the eye, imaging of the optic disc and retinal nerve fiber layer, mechanisms of optic nerve damage in glaucoma, neuroprotection of glaucoma, and cataract surgery.

Dr. Weinreb is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including (as examples):

1997 Heed Ophthalmic Foundation Award – leadership and contributions in ophthalmology
2003 Research to Prevent Blindness Physician-Scientist Award
2006 Ridley Medal of St. Thomas’ Hospital, London
2009 Founder’s Award of the World Glaucoma Association
2009 The Moecyr E. Alvaro Medal of Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010 Life Achievement Honor Award of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
2010 The Watson Medal of the University of Cambridge, England
2013 The Innovators Award of the American Glaucoma Society
2016 APGS International Award of the Asian Pacific Glaucoma Society
2016 Gold Medal of the Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology
2017 Honorary Member of the Société Française D’Ophtalmologie
2017 Life Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
2019 UC San Diego Health Sciences Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Award
2023 Laureate Award, World Glaucoma Association

He also is cited often for his contributions and leadership, including:

2022 10 Most Influential Ophthalmologists in the World, The Ophthalmologist (UK)
2022 “Glaucoma Visionary”, Glaucoma Today
2022  America’s Best Ophthalmologists, Newsweek
2023 Top 2  Most Influential Ophthalmologists in the World, The Ophthalmologist (UK)
2023 An Inaugural Inductee in The Ophthalmologist Hall of Fame

And he has served several organizations in leadership positions, including:

2003-2003 President, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
2004-2006 President, World Glaucoma Association
2007-2009 President, American Glaucoma Society
2012-2014 President, American Glaucoma Society Foundation
2013-2015 President, Latin American Glaucoma Society

Dr. Weinreb has delivered more than 140 named lectures and serves on numerous Editorial Boards, including Journal of Glaucoma, International Glaucoma Review (Chief Editor) and Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. He has trained more than 170 post-doctoral Fellows in Glaucoma, including 24 department Chairs and many others who hold distinguished academic positions in the United States and throughout the world.

His h-impact factor in July 2023 was 145, the highest in world Glaucoma, and his research has more than 83.000 citations. He also has been cited for several consecutive years by Expertscape as the #1 expert in world glaucoma.

Dr. Weinreb has been cited in every edition of Woodward/White, The Best Doctors in America and is an elected member of the prestigious American Ophthalmological Society.


Very best care from one of the leading ophthalmologists

In the last 2.5 years, I have had the misfortune of suffering from glaucoma. I asked UCSD for a doctor and was fortunate to get Dr. Robert Weinreb. He performed several surgeries on both my eyes and has, I believe, extended my ability to see. I may lose the battle of my eyesight, but I will have had the very best care from one of the leading ophthalmologists. His guidance through the process has been an education for me as well as the doctors he mentors.

I would be derelict if I did not mention all the staff, nurses, and other attending doctors. They have helped me over the years, and all have been great!

As a retired professor, I know that the teaching and mentoring that is happening all around those of us patients who count on you at UCSD – it is the highest quality. How do I know? It is evident each time I enter the doors of Shiley Eye Institute and UC San Diego Health.

Thom, May 2021


Thank You Dr. Weinreb

I want to thank you and the staff at Shiley for the excellent care you provided my Dad during the many years you were his Ophthalmologist. From cataracts to glaucoma to eye exams, you helped Dad a lot and made his life better. Dad always enjoyed seeing you during his appointments, and he liked to tell everyone that the head of Shiley was his eye doctor.

Richard, April 2021


I want to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude to Dr. Weinreb and staff the way they handled my case last week and the surgery. I came for an eye exam with Dr. Weinreb on a Wednesday. He felt I needed a surgery right away and very kindly scheduled me for surgery the next Monday. I was extremely happy at how smoothly everything worked. The surgery immediately reduced my eye pressure dramatically. That’s great news!

I can’t thank Dr. Weinreb and his team (fellows Drs. Yarmohoammdi and Yonge) enough for the quality care provided to me. Dr. Weinreb cares so much for his patients and wants to know everything about the status of his patients after surgery – he gets personally involved!

Thank you all so much!

Arun, July 2021

Before I Got Into The Door @ Sei – My Fears Were Alleviated!

As a senior, I was nervous and apprehensive before my appointment at Shiley. I had cancelled all my other doctor appointments. Even before I got into the front door my fears were alleviated! Before I walked into the building, my temperature was taken, and registration checked me in outside, I sanitized my hands and was given a mask. In the waiting room, the chairs are socially distanced at 6 feet apart.

When I had my visual field and OCT, the technicians sanitized the machines before and afterwards. I was called into Dr. Weinreb’s clinic right away – there was no waiting. I was put into an exam room and that was “my” room for the rest of the visit. Everyone came in/out so I did not have contact with too many people.

Dr. Weinreb, the technicians and young doctors made me feel relieved and safe with the upgraded sanitizing procedures. Everyone was cleaning and washing hands constantly. I am extremely impressed with the safety precautions taken by the doctors and staff. I can tell a lot of thought and planning was put into the clinic experience to make Shiley safe for patients.

Thank you all,
Billy G.

10 years of Appreciation

Dear Dr. Weinreb,

Simply a note to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you’ve done for Judy over the past 10 years.  There are undoubtedly people that have done more for you, but there are none that appreciate you more.

Mike & Judy Concanon

Turned on the light for her life

My mother and our family greatly appreciate all your help in salvaging my mother’s eyes! She says you turned on the light for her life once again.

Warm Regards,
Barry Tashakorian

Impressed and appreciative

Dear Dr. Weinreb,

I want to thank you for accepting me as a patient for cataract surgery. You have now completed the surgery, implanting Toric lenses in both of my eyes, and I'm very happy with how everything has turned out.
I've been impressed from beginning to end with Shiley Eye Institute and with all the medical personnel with whom I've come in contact.

I'm especially grateful for your expertise, including coming into the recovery room after my second surgery to explain why the second eye (my right eye) might not stabilize as quickly as the first eye had. (It seems, though, that the eye has done very well indeed!) I appreciated the explanation.

I also appreciated the fact you chose the Toric lenses for me, which is what I would have chosen for myself.  I appreciate that you did not ask me WHAT I wanted, thereby muddying the waters so to speak, but instead made the assumption that I had educated myself at great length about what cataract surgery entailed, the different lenses available, and seemingly (in my opinion) just about every other aspect of cataract surgery.  I had!!

Again, I am totally appreciative of your work with me and for the friends who recommended that I come in to meet with you back in December.

Thank you so much!!
Elaine R

This goes in my list of miracles!

Dear Dr. Weinreb and staff,

Thank you for being a blessing to many of us, and enabling us to live more confidently with new sets of eyes.

I vowed to always remember that moment, the wonderful feeling of seeing again with clarity; the vivid colors, texture and high definition of images around me. This goes in my list of miracles!

Tina Damon

Thank you to Dr. Weinreb and his most professional, friendly and caring team.

I thank the following (in the order they cared for me) for today's great experience as always, at Shiley Eye Institute. Each person made me comfortable.

Lizzy administered a visual field test on my eyes today. She explained the process, listened to me, encouraged me and was most compassionate and concerned for me as a patient.
Christina took my information and checked vision. She is polite and encouraged/challenged me to read the smallest line possible.

Dr. Baxter examined me, took my eye pressure and put in dilation eye drops. After my eyes were dilated, Dr. Baxter examined my eyes. Throughout Dr. Baxter was kind, interested in me as a patient, efficient and gentle. Dr. Weinreb examined me, explained results clearly and encouraged me -- all with Dr. Weinreb's vast knowledge and experience. Dr. Weinreb is the BEST. He is thorough, cares and I have peace of mind knowing that he and his team have examined me and monitor my condition. Thank you, Dr. Weinreb, for the countless hours you spend caring for patients, researching glaucoma and teaching and training the next generation.

Bill, who was with Dr. Weinreb, is so friendly and is available for questions I think of after all the exams. His smile and concern are very reassuring.

Thank you to Dr. Weinreb and his most professional, friendly and caring team. It is a joy and blessing to be a patient at Shiley Eye Institute and I thank Dr. Weinreb and his team for everything!"

Thank you for your skillful care and attention

Dear Dr. Weinreb,

I am writing to thank you for your skillful care and attention beginning with my trabeculectomy last November. My last visit to see you was February 21st. Since then I have seen an optometrist and obtained newly prescribed glasses. It is a great relief to have my vision back and it is stable.

Dr. Arias was very helpful to me and my family in preparing for the surgery, and Dr. Andrew Camp was particularly helpful throughout. I feel most fortunate in having you and your team care for me, and I found all of your team attentive and thoughtful.

With kind regards,

Yours cordially,
Robert L. Tyson, M.D., FRCPsych.
April 10, 2017

Cataract Surgery, Seeing Better

The shuttle car drops me off in front of the Shiley Eye Institute, part of UCSD Healthcare. I’m getting a clouded, natural lens removed and a clear, acrylic one put in. Even though cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures in the aging population and I have Dr. Robert N. Weinreb—the best possible surgeon—doing the operation, I am anxious.

After checking in with the person at the front desk, I am told to wait. I barely sit down when my name is called. A nurse takes me to a curtained cubicle and gives me a gown to be tied at the back, nonslip socks, and a lovely blue bonnet to cover my hair.

I lie down on a bed, I am covered with a warm blanket, and the sides are put up. Is it so that I don’t roll out or so that I can’t escape? A series of nurses come and go, and I’m given numbing drops in my eye. Dr. Weinreb comes by in surgical garb to tell me I must wait half an hour for the drops to take effect. I assure him that I am retired and not going anywhere.
In the meantime, I observe his interactions with his staff: there is a feeling of colleagueship, camaraderie between the various doctors, nurses, and technicians and Dr. Weinreb. He is among the best-known glaucoma doctors in the world and the head of the Shiley Eye Institute. It is a teaching hospital, so he is a boss, an instructor, and a mentor. He told me what an incredible group he has working with him. The credit for this is of course due to the relationships he has established and interactions he has with his team. There was palpable warmth in the surgical unit and evident caring from staff to patients.

An anesthesiologist comes over to talk to me. I say I only want local anesthetic, I want to be fully awake and not given Versed (midazolam), the drug that makes you forget everything that happened during the operation. I want to be there and remember it. He is glad to oblige. It is so important to feel trust in the people in whose hands we place our lives.

I am wheeled into the operating room, and a cloth is put over my face with an opening for my left eye. More drops are put in, and, as I am happily chattering, Dr. Weinreb says, “Don’t move and don’t talk.”

I have no pain but feel some pressure on my eye. I see blue squares; round, shiny objects; a bright light; and floating things. I am both participant and observer. I hear the surgical-team members exchanging information on how the procedure is going. I don’t understand what they are saying, but I do hear Dr. Weinreb saying to me, “We are halfway there.” I feel relief. Then, “Three more minutes,” then “We’re done.” I am now post-op.

I am wheeled back to my cubicle and given juice. Dr. Weinreb comes over to tell me that my operation was difficult, but successful; he is pleased.
A nurse comes to give me post-op instructions: Do not bend down and do not lift heavy objects. I’m given two prescriptions for drops. One must be put in every hour to decrease inflammation; the other is four times a day, an antibiotic.

Someone calls a taxi to take me home to my retirement community. Everything is blurry, I can’t read. At dinner my friends all look young and wrinkle-free, like aging movies stars photographed with Vaseline on the lens.

That evening, the TV is a bit blurry. I sleep wearing a plastic shield over my eye for protection. The next morning, my vision is clear, and my friends all have more wrinkles. By the end of the day, they look older than they were before my surgery.

I see Dr. Weinreb the next day, he is pleased with the way things went and takes the time to explain what was entailed in the procedure. Apparently it was challenging as I have a genetic defect (pseudoexfoliation) which makes my lenses prone to dislocating. It didn’t, due to his skill, I know. Another appointment is scheduled for in a week. Two days later, I see better without my old glasses, and I am writing this column.

At no time did I feel any pain. We here in La Jolla—in California—in the U.S.—are privileged to be living at a time and place where the top medical procedures are not only available, but are safe and are the best the world has to offer. I am grateful that I live in such a place, where operations are affordable and where there are such excellent doctors and staff to provide outstanding care for their patients.

Natasha Josefowitz


A Big Thanks to Dr. W and the Staff at Shiley

My glaucoma was diagnosed at age 38 in Nebraska. Over the years, I was treated for glaucoma with eye drops and regular check-ups with my local ophthalmologist. In the early 1990’s, I had a trabeculectomy to relieve the pressure followed by additional eye surgeries.

After one of those surgeries, my husband Jerry and I decided to visit our family in California in December for the holidays. My doctor from Nebraska told me to get checked by Dr. Robert N. Weinreb at the Shiley Eye Institute and the rest is history as they say!

Since meeting Dr. Weinreb, I have had several other glaucoma surgeries and he took great care of me when I severely damaged my eye (globe) in a fall. Way back in the 90’s, I was told that I would be blind within 10 years. Needless to say, that has NOT happened due to the awesome care and expertise of the great “Dr. W”.

With continued monitoring and care, we pray that my eye issues will be in a “holding pattern” for many years to come. The vision in my right eye has actually improved from the fall and the last surgery with Dr. Weinreb.

A big thanks to Dr. W and the staff at Shiley. YOU are the greatest!

A Satisfied Patient

Dr. Weinreb, the BEST, examined me, explained results and diagnosis clearly and encouraged me. He is so knowledgeable, thorough, caring and gives me peace of mind knowing that he and his team have examined me.

Thank you, Dr. Weinreb, for the countless hours you spend caring for patients, researching glaucoma and teaching and training the next generation.

Thank you to Dr. Weinreb and his most professional, friendly and caring team. It is a joy and blessing to be a patient at Shiley Eye Institute and I thank Dr. Weinreb and his team for everything!


20 years of outstanding care

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for the more than 20 years of outstanding care I received at the Shiley Eye Institute from Dr. Robert Weinreb and his staff. In particular, I am grateful for the exceptional and compassionate treatment I received in connection with the cataract surgery and follow-up under Dr. Weinreb. Once again thank you very much for the excellent care you and your staff provided!

I feel truly blessed!

Alexa J. Kozak

To be able to see is a gift. To be able to see clearly is a miracle. Thank you for the miraculous! Click here to open this funny, testimonial.

Dear Team Weinreb,


Thank you for all that you did to clear my vision through Cataract Surgery.  I can now see the faces of my opponents on the tennis court and not just identify them through voice recognition.

There has, however, been a worrisome side effect to the surgery. My face is now covered with wrinkles. Prior to surgery it was completely smooth. I am wondering if any of your other patients has complained of this condition. Hopefully, This situation will clear up soon. Otherwise I will be sending you a bill from my plastic surgeon!

Sally Huss

Thank you for the Excellence in Ophthalmology services provided me in the UCSD Shiley Eye Center over the past year.

I came to you from Fresno, California as a relatively healthful and hopeful man in his mid-eighties who was looking for the best services the World can offer in treating Glaucoma. You have unquestionably saved the sight in my two eyes.  I can safely drive a car and live a normal life in experiencing God’s many wonderful creations and blessings.

You have performed two surgeries on me.  During both your operating room staff enabled me to believe and thoroughly sense the sincere desire of all of your staff to provide their patients with the best possible hospitality and service.  Your surgery suite and staff are prepared to serve Kings and Queens.  Thank you.
Whenever I come to Shiley to see you for a “check-up” you and your friendly staff go far beyond the norm.  You all greet my wife and me with warm smiles, handshakes, and joyful conversation.  We feel genuinely welcomed and feel like we are members of your Shiley family. Thank you.

Over the past year I have witnessed your delivery of many very fine services in the Shiley Eye Center to patients from all over the world. My wife and I perceive that the excellence in the delivery of these patient services is due of your unwavering and persevering commitment to excellence in research and professional execution.  Your personal leadership example at Shiley role models the standard of excellence for all your team members.  Thank you.

Thank you.
~ Elmer “Bud” Richter


Shiley Eye Institute Faculty Expertscape Rankings



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