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From Our Patients

At the Shiley Eye Institute we work hard everyday to bring exceptional care to each and every patient.

Shiley Eye Institute

Barbara T
Source: Google

My appointment was on time. The staff was polite. The Doctor took his time and was able to answer all my questions with good knowledge. I am very pleased at how I have been treated at Shiley Eye Institute.


I just wanted to say how impressed and very comfortable I was yesterday with the Covid safety measures in place at Shiley. Before my visit yesterday, I was reluctant to schedule an appointment because of safety concerns about Covid, even though I have been going to Shiley for 20 years. After my visit yesterday, I feel totally comfortable going to Shiley in the future. I will share my experience with my friends.

Alfreda C.
San Diego, CA
Source: Yelp

Shiley Eye Institute in LaJolla, CA. I am extremely impressed with the Coronavirus preventative measures they have in place. I had some anxiety when I needed to go there for an appointment after the precautions went into effect. They have social distancing inside and outside the building. Every person wears a mask. Hand sanitizer is at the entrance and no one is allowed in until 12 questions are answered and your temperature is taken. Someone will walk you to where you need to go. Everyone is wearing a mask. EVERYONE! Hand sanitizer is in every room. Chairs are placed to provide Social Distancing. They have improved their precautions every month. You will feel safe. It is a safe place.

Dr. Weinrab and his fellow Drs and staff are working as a team

I know because I worked in health care.

F.Cusack retired RN.m

Freddie C.

I recently had eye appointments at Shiley Eye Institute. The first appointment was in March. I called 24 hours prior to appointment to check on the safety precautions. I was worried because of the virus. This first appointment was great!

I returned 4 weeks later and there were more precautions. On the third visit, I was surprised at how internal precautions were implemented. I am a former nurse and understood what was required.

I feel very safe and have no worries when I have any appointments at Shiley. Everyone wears a mask, all surfaces are cleansed after each patient, social distancing is evident in the waiting rooms. No one is allowed in the building unless checked.

I am very impressed!

Freddie C.
Retired RN

Harvey Elder, MD

I appreciated the skillful and kind care of the entire staff at Shiley during the challenge of the COVID-19. You didn’t miss anything to keep us safe!

Thank you,
Harvey Elder, MD

Billy G.


As a senior, I was nervous and apprehensive before my appointment at Shiley. I had cancelled all my other doctor appointments. Even before I got into the front door my fears were alleviated! Before I walked into the building, my temperature was taken, and registration checked me in outside, I sanitized my hands and was given a mask. In the waiting room, the chairs are socially distanced at 6 feet apart.

When I had my visual field and OCT, the technicians sanitized the machines before and afterwards. I was called into Dr. Weinreb’s clinic right away – there was no waiting. I was put into an exam room and that was “my” room for the rest of the visit. Everyone came in/out so I did not have contact with too many people.

Dr. Weinreb, the technicians and young doctors made me feel relieved and safe with the upgraded sanitizing procedures. Everyone was cleaning and washing hands constantly.

I am extremely impressed with the safety precautions taken by the doctors and staff. I can tell a lot of thought and planning was put into the clinic experience to make Shiley safe for patients.

Thank you all, Billy G.

Lisa G.
San Diego, CA

I had my eye appointment at UCSD and was impressed with the cleanliness and attention to detail. The staff went out of their way to make everyone feel safe.

Taura G.
San Diego, CA
Source: Yelp

I have had excellent experiences here with 2 eye physicians. Both had to perform minor surgeries, years apart, on my eyes. They are all expert in their field and it shows.

The clinic staff members are also great. They take care if you and offer great customer service and patient care. Of note, I remember Optometry Technicians Joy, Lauren, and Joy in the office. They have the best attitudes and make patients feel great.

My most recent experience was exactly in the timeframe that the physician told me. He was calm, cool, and very collected. I appreciated how he was super calm and handled everything so well. As a patient, the demeanor of the physician is key.


Natalie A. Afshari, M.D.,F.A.C.S.


Thank You,

Thank you Dr. Weinreb for saving my mother’s vision and giving our family many more enjoyable years with her. I could see that you liked her – and she appreciated the care you and Dr. Afshari gave her over the many years.

Luis L.
San Diego, CA
Source: Google

Dr. Natalie Afshari provided me the most efficient and professional service. I have been to several ophthalmologist, but none like Dr. Afshari. I was looking for the best ophthalmologist in San Diego because I had not been able to find why my eyes were always irritated. In a question of minutes, Dr. Afshari was able to provide me with the appropriate diagnosis. I recommend Dr. Afshari over any other ophthalmologist in San Diego.

Steven F.
San Diego, CA
Source: Yelp

I had a LASIK procedure about 18 years ago and wanted to explore the option of another procedure to improve my eyesight. It took a while to get my appointment with Dr Afshari. That said, I received the most professional treatment I've ever experienced. They performed a complete workup on my eyesight which lasted about 2 hrs and involved Dr Afshari and at least 3 other technicians. At the end, Dr Afshari advised me that I wasn't a candidate for a subsequent LASIK procedure. This thorough workup at better than reasonable cost was an experience which reinforced my belief that the UC system of providers is the best in San Diego and is motivated by more than simply generating revenue.

Shahla E.
La Jolla, CA
Source: Yelp

I've had the best experience at Shiley eye center for cataract surgery on both eyes. Initially I'd decided to have laser surgery in a private clinic believing that it's more state of the art. Wrong!!! Thankfully I also made an appointment with Dr. Natalie Afshari at Shiley. She knows the latest in traditional cataract surgery which actually requires a lot more skill than laser surgery. First of all she clarified that I wasn't a good candidate for the multi focal lenses (which the previous laser doctor had recommended for me) because of hypothyroidism ( any changes in my thyroid might necessitate lenses change which would further damage the eye).

Her easy sweet manner, not rushing me and answering my questions combined to make me feel I'm with the right surgeon. Her surgical skills are phenomenal, I know because there's hardly any redness in my surgical eye and one day after my surgery I have 20/20 vision in both eyes.

There were a couple of long waiting periods but that is not the fault of the surgeon. It's no one's fault really. Diabetic patients go in front of others and any emergencies take precedence of course. I'd much rather wait to be worked on by a competent surgeon than be rushed through to be seen by a doctor who is below par. So I think many people have given a couple of stars to Shiley because of scheduling issues. It's a five star establishment for sure.

The whole staff was unbelievably fantastic. I was also seen by Dr. Taylor who works with Dr. Afshari and she was most helpful as well and very approachable and kind. And if you go to Shiley make sure you stop by at the cafeteria "The Cove". They serve the best chili beans bar none, compliments of Executive Chef Rodney Fry. All in all my surgeries went swimmingly thanks to Dr. Natalie Afshari, and the staff at Shiley Eye Center and I am very grateful!

William R. Freeman, M.D.

Brian P
Source: Google

Had an emergency on a Friday evening. I went to the emergency room and was transferred to UC San Diego. Two doctors came and did a thorough examination came up with a plan and set me up for 8:00 am on Saturday. Dr. Knight was there ready for me. He took his time, made sure I was comfortable the entire time. I am very thankful for everyone and the care I received. Dr. Knight is amazing and very smart. Thank you to Dr. Chan and I didn’t catch her name but the doctor that worked with her was also excellent thank you all.

Update Well my tear actually required surgery with Dr. Freeman and Dr. Knight. I have trouble with twilight anesthesia so they put me to sleep for the procedure. The anesthesiologist was very professional and waited for the doctor in case I had any questions. The procedure went fast and was painless and I had a follow up appointment yesterday and again I have to give them 5 stars. I think Dr. Knight is going to be a top notch retinal specialist after his fellowship with Dr. Freeman is through. Dr. Freeman is an excellent doctor. I have also been seeing another specialist at UC San Diego for my bladder Dr. Parsons and he too is in my opinion at the top of his field.

Weldon W. Haw, M.D.

Janine M

Despite the inconveniences caused by COVID, all of you are coping well with the situation. I was impressed by the good organization and extreme care of doctors and staff. I was so glad I overcame my fears and kept my appointment. I am 100% better after my visit with Dr. Haw.

Thomas P.
Cardiff, CA
Source: Yelp

I have gone to Shiley for eye care for the last 4 years or so. They've been terrific. I had a specialist for what might have been glaucoma and he was able to rule it out after they performed a series of tests. I was surprised at how thorough they were.

Recently, I had cataracts removed by Dr. Weldon Haw, M.D., in two separate surgeries, one last December and one in January, 2020. He performed surgery on my neighbor as well.

I could not be more pleased. The process was painless and the results spectacular! I no longer wear glasses except for reading very small fonts, and my distance vision is corrected. Colors are vivid and I don't need nearly the light I needed before to be able to read.

I really couldn't be happier. Dr. Haw was friendly, supportive and reassuring throughout the process. His education, training, and experience are unmatched and I would not trust this surgery to anyone else. So, I didn't, and it paid off! Highly recommended.

Fredda D.
Lakeside, CA
Source: Yelp

Just had cataract surgery by Dr Haw last Friday and cannot believe how easy it all was and how wonderful my vision is now. Had no idea it had gotten so bad! I am beyond trilled. Every person that I tell who my doc was, says same thing.....oh he is excellent!

Don O. Kikkawa, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Asha S.
San Diego, CA
Source: Yelp

Dr. Kikkawa is incredible. He helped my young daughter with the removal of a strange bump near her eye. We were told by others we would have to put my 6yr old daughter under anesthesia for removal since it was such a sensitive area. But Dr. Kikkawa's calm demeanor and strong confidence comforted her so much so that he was able to remove it on the 1st visit with some numbing cream and a snip. 2 weeks later we can barely see a thing. Incredible!!! He also followed up with a personal phone call to check-in. I highly recommend him and am ever so grateful for his amazing work.

Cynthia A.
Murrieta, CA
Source: Yelp

Dr. Kikkawa and the staff at the Shiley Eye Institute have changed my life in the most amazing way. I was lost suffering from thyroid eye disease until I found the most amazing staff and the Dr's. From the time I called and made my first appointment there was a kind person on the other side of the phone to easy my fear. It has been one year since my last surgery and recently went in for a follow up walking into the office I didn't realize I was going to be so emotional but it was so full circle. I was so broken when i first arrived not ever thinking I would be me ever again and Dr. Kikkawa, Dr. Ko, Dr. Lila, Denise and all of the amazing staff have given me my life back. I want others who are going threw this disease to feel the same joy. I know people mentioned having to wait to be seen but just know they give each patient so much time and attention.

Bethann S.
Santee, CA
Source: Yelp

My husband had to have eye surgery due to a health issue, EVERYONE was extremely helpful, professional, kind, and caring.

Dr. Kikawa is the most amazing surgeon. He is world renowned but not pretentious, he explains everything and is genuinely concerned about his patients. after my husbands surgery, the dr's office called the next day to check on him and the surgery center called to check also. I am very impressed with everyone there.

If I had to say anything that could use any improvement, it would be the long wait , you do have to plan on being there a long time. other than that ALL GOOD :)

Thank you Dr. Kikawa and staff (too many to name ) for the great care for my Husband.!!!

Bobby S. Korn, M.D., Ph.D.,F.A.C.S.

Debra S.
Solana Beach, CA
Source: Yelp

What a wonderful, caring, professional, interested doctor! I was referred to Dr. Korn for a growth on my eyelid.

He examined my eyes extensively, took pictures, and asked questions regarding when I noticed the growth. He did a painless biopsy, I was numbed first and felt extremely confident with doctor Korn and his helpful staff. He has a most pleasant demeanor and exudes caring confidence that makes it easy to discuss any concerns you may have. He listens.

His schedule usually runs a bit late; but when he enters your exam room he's front and center. I'm incredibly happy to have been referred to Dr. Korn, by my dermatologist for the growth in my lower eyelid, as my eye health is very important to me. I highly recommend Dr. Korn. I return annually to have him check my eyelid and everything is fine. Thank you Dr. Korn and staff!

Leslee L.
San Francisco, CA
Source: Yelp

I normally don't write reviews, but my niece who is a highly trained physician herself (at Northwestern University and Stanford) advised me that this is an important review to write. She said that it's easy to write a review for a doctor when everything goes smoothly and turns out great the first time, but it's most important to find a doctor who sticks by you to make things right when unexpected complications arise. Dr. Korn is like that and I have a great deal of respect for him..

Close to a year and a half ago, I had cosmetic eyelid surgery done by Dr. Korn on both my upper and lower eyelids. After the surgery it was very noticeable to me that one eye looked bigger than the other eye. Dr. Korn said that when my eyes were sufficiently healed, he would open the corner of the smaller eye to enlarge it.

Three months after the surgery I developed an eye condition in both eyes called Chemosis. Dr. Korn did not think that the Chemosis was caused by the surgery and he gave me the reasons why. He said that we had to deal with my medical condition before we could do corrective cosmetic surgery. To his credit, he tried to determine the underlying cause of the Chemosis by having me take various tests (MRI and blood tests) and try certain eye drops, etc. in an effort to make a differential diagnosis. He even talked about my case to other physicians at a medical conference he went to China.

Finally a few months ago, Dr. Korn started to see improvements in the Chemosis, and earlier this month, he said that it looked much better. Last week he was able to open the corner of my smaller eye to enlarge the appearance and he had to do some cauterization so that my eye would drain properly. I still have a small amount of Chemosis and my eye is still healing from the surgery, but I can tell that it looks better already.

The bottom line is that for the last year and a half Dr. Korn has been very kind, patient, available, and medically diligent. Those are the characteristics of a fine doctor and one whom I appreciate.

Shira L. Robbins, M.D.

Ryan S.
San Diego, CA
Source: Yelp

Last year I was in a bad accident that ended with severe double vision. Nothing I had ever experienced was more challenging and frustrating than dealing with my vision after the accident. I had countless physicians recommend that I have a consultation with Dr. Robbins. After my initial visit, Dr. Robbins thoroughly explained the importance of being patient and waiting at least a year after my trauma to allow for full healing.

From the very beginning I was confident that Dr. Robbins was the right physician for what would be a life changing procedure for me. She always took the time to answer mine and my wife's questions as she could tell we were both nervous and excited. Finally, once we determined my vision was stable and it was safe to proceed I scheduled the surgery.

Long story short, I feel like Dr. Robbins gave me back the gift of sight and it has completely changed my life. The results of the procedure have far exceeded what anybody had told me would even be possible. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Robbins and her team. Dr. Robbins truly is the very best at what she does.

Albert L.
Los Angeles, CA
Source: Yelp

I had a lazy eye for over 40 years but, two days ago I had surgery at Shiley Eye Institute and my surgeon, Dr. Robbins, realigned my eye in less than two hours. For the first time in 40 years both of my eyes are facing in the same direction at the same time. It is almost like a miracle but it's actually Dr. Robbins skill and dedication. She has literally changed my life's trajectory.

I couldn't be happier with my vision now. It was almost an accident that I was sent to Shiley and found Dr. Robbins. In 2016, I had pneumonia and my doctor treated it and checked my vision too. My vision had deteriorated from 20/40 to 20/125 after I became sick. The decline was due to a change in the shape of my eye ball that left a scab inside the back of my eyeball. The doctors called it a macular pucker and surgery was done to remove it.

Dr. Granet was consulted about my right eye which was misaligned and had been that way forever. Dr. Robbins replaced Dr. Granet. Dr. Robbins fixed my lazy eye and, as an aside, fixed my vision too. From 20/125 to 20/20. I have normal vision for the first time in 40 years. This is massively big for me and I am as grateful as I can be. Shiley is a great institute and, Dr. Robbins is an excellent surgeon.

Jolene Rudell, M.D., Ph.D.

Jaymie N.
El Cajon, CA
Source: Yelp

My 5.5 yo had surgery at RATNERS Children Eye Center. Dr Rudell and the staff at ratners was amazing. The surgery scheduler, Nancy, I did not like but other than that everybody at Shiley and Ratner was so great with my daughter and keeping me informed on everything that would happen.

Doran B. Spencer, M.D., Ph.D.

Kristin P.
Source: Yelp

I had my first appointment here today. I have been dealing with a not so fun diagnosis of a rare eye disease called birdshot. I was lucky to get a referral to go to Shiley. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Spencer. He was informative, knowledgeable and personable. For the first time since being diagnosed he put me at ease. I must also say everyone at Shiley was awesome. The nurse, Maria, the doctor who took my eye photos, the people at the front desk. Thank you to all at Shiley!

Robert N. Weinreb, M.D.


Thank You,

Thank you Dr. Weinreb for saving my mother’s vision and giving our family many more enjoyable years with her. I could see that you liked her – and she appreciated the care you and Dr. Afshari gave her over the many years.

Captain William A. Gaines, USN (Ret)

Dear Dr. Weinreb,

On Monday, January 4, 2021, I underwent cataract surgery at the Shiley Eye Institute. You performed the surgery assisted by your fine staff. The surgery was highly successful. I want to thank you and all the wonderful members of your staff that participated in the surgical event and all those at Shiley who made my visit a pleasant and successful experience. The professionalism and dedication of everyone I encountered at Shiley was evident from the onset. Every detail was meticulously addressed and there was significant emphasis on ensuring patient care as it related to protection from the coronavirus. As a senior citizen, I very much appreciated their concern for my health.

So again Dr. Weinreb, thank you for the wonderful care you have provided. Please know that it is very much appreciated. And please pass my sincere thank you to the wonderful professional staff at the Shiley Eye Institute. I feel very fortunate to have access to the entire UCSD Health Care system and most especially to the Shiley Eye Institute.

Kimberly J.
Source: Yelp

Dr. Weinreb saved my husband’s eyesight. The majority of the frustrations in these comments around wait times and bedside manner honestly feel quite irrelevant when you are talking about the ridiculous technology, experience and amazing advancements at Shiley Eye with Weinreb leading the charge. I can only imagine the time and sacrifice that has gone into making Shiley what it is today.

We travel from far northern California in order to see Weinreb and after my husband’s most recent surgery he was experiencing post op pain. He worked us into the clinic and saw him 6 times in one day until we could get the cause of his pain under control.

So next time you are having to wait, maybe remember that there are patients who he is fighting to make space for when they are in crisis.

Bring a book.

Lastly, we ave experienced nothing but kindness and attentivneess by Dr. Weinreb and his staff.

Again, he literally saved his sight with our local doctor gave us no hope. I don't care if we have to wait a bit or if he is only in the room a couple of minutes. We are forever profoundly grateful for him and his team.


Lianne Mizoguchi, O.D.

Janise D.
Escondido, CA
Source: Yelp

Very pleased with my experience here. Compared to other optometry clinics I've sought help from, Shiley is by far the most professional. The receptionists were helpful. I also really appreciate how Dr. Mizoguchi was very detailed and informative. So glad my physician referred me here.

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