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Cristiana Vasile, MD, MAS

Cristiana Vasile, MD, MAS

Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology
Board Certification in Ophthalmology
Fellowship in Glaucoma

Medical School Bucharest University of Medicine, Romania
Residency University of California, San Diego
Fellowship University of California, San Diego
Special Interest Clinical Research in Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Evaluation

Cristiana Vasile, MD, MAS is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist and Fellowship trained Cataract and Glaucoma specialist. Dr. Vasile is a graduate of Bucharest University of Medicine. She spent several years at the Hamilton Glaucoma Center, UC San Diego Shiley Eye Institute doing vision research and served as the founding Director of the UC San Diego Optic Nerve Reading Center. Prior to her internship and residency, she completed a Masters in Advanced Studies (MAS) in Clinical Research at UC San Diego. Subsequently, she was an intern in Internal Medicine and then served as Resident in Ophthalmology at UC San Diego. As a resident, she was the recipient of the UC San Diego Resident Research Award. She then completed a Glaucoma Fellowship at UC San Diego.

Her work has been published in peer-reviewed ophthalmology journals and she has authored several book chapters.

She is fluent in English, Italian, French, Romanian and proficient in Spanish.


She treats me with the utmost care and respect.

I have been seeing Dr. Vasile for over two years now. I am seeing her because I am a glaucoma suspect and also have “dry eye”.  She treats me with the utmost care and respect.  She takes time with me. I don’t feel rushed. She answers my questions honestly and thoroughly.
I am so glad she is my doctor.


In essence, she saved my eye!

I was referred to Dr. Vasile due to having several eye problems. She helped me tremendously by recognizing the medical emergency and immediately referring me to the proper specialty team for urgent eye surgery. In essence, Dr. Vasile saved my eye!!! I am extremely grateful to her for her attention and professionalism. She is a great doctor with a big heart.

She saved me

Dr. Vasile was a tremendous help in diagnosing, explaining all the options for my eye treatment, and then referring me for surgery.  When the surgery scheduling was backed up, I revisited Dr. Vasile who made extra efforts to schedule my surgery that same week.  She saved me from glaucoma, and possibly from the loss of my sight. 

Joyce, May 2022

Very Professional

I have been seeing Dr. Cristiana Vasile for over a year now. I come from the Imperial Valley and she is worth the drive! She makes me feel welcome every time I see her. She sits down with me and makes me feel comfortable being in a doctor's office.

She is a gracious lady and very professional in her manner. I like honesty and she is very direct with regards to my condition - and I appreciate that. I would recommend her highly. She is worth the long drive!

Louis, June 2021

She’s brilliant, tenacious, caring and always willing to listen to and respond to my concerns.

I have received excellent care at the Shiley Eye Institute.  Dr. Cristiana Vasile was able to control an eye issue that several other doctors were unable to resolve. She’s brilliant, tenacious, caring and always willing to listen to and respond to my concerns. I so appreciate the care I receive from Dr. Vasile as well as the staff. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Vasile!

Linda, March 2021

Thanks for helping us ALL!

I used to see Dr. Vasile in Hillcrest and I followed her to La Jolla. The long bus ride is worth it to keep Dr. Vasile as my doctor!

She is a good firm doctor with a wonderful sense of humor. She is candid and honest about my condition. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand as a non-medical person.

Not too many doctors have her combination of skills. She is very personable and smart with a classy refined manner. She is understanding of her patients using a kind human touch. Also has a good rapport with patients and staff. I appreciate her honesty in answering my questions and she is experienced with my condition.

Thank you Dr. Vasile!

Cezar, March 2021

My experience at Shiley is great and is always great!

I first saw Dr. McClean for a scratch on my eye. She called me and was very welcoming over the phone. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly she was able to see me, when she said, “Can you be here in 20 minutes?” She was extremely professional and followed up with me the next week.

I have been seeing Dr. Vasile for over two years. She is very direct and creates an atmosphere of professionalism in her clinic. She exudes classiness and knowledge. I know that I am in good hands and she cares about me and my eyes!

I always feel safe coming to Shiley and very well cared for by the various staff and doctors.

Stephen, February 2021

A very caring doctor

I would like to thank Dr. Vasile as she is a very caring doctor that gives her patients a lot of time and makes sure to explain everything in detail as well as answer all questions. My eye vision is much better after the surgery with her and I am so pleased to be her patient.

Feryal A.

Dr. Cristiana Vasile has great concern for her patients and nothing is too much trouble for her.

Dr. Cristiana Vasile is wonderful! She has great concern for her patients and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is an excellent communicator. I am 92 and she explained everything regarding my condition in a slow and clear manner. She understands her patients and is very kind.


Talented and Intelligent Doctor

I was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma 12 years ago. I have been under the care of Dr. Vasile for about 2 years now and had multiple testing done at Shiley. I have had debilitating headaches since the start of my diagnoses that progressively got worse over the years even with treatment from other doctors.

I was fortunate to switch to Dr. Vasile as my doctor who figured out the cause of my headaches. She arranged for me to get cataract surgery to open up my narrow eye angles which lowered my eye pressure and alleviated the headaches! She took the extra time to listen and was compassionate answering my questions and concerns. She is a talented and intelligent doctor who really cares about her patients.

Thank you Dr. Vasile!
Kimberly July 2020


Dear Shiley Eye Institute,
Cristiana Vasile, MD is one of the best ophthalmologists at the Shiley
Eye Institute! She is not only a great surgeon, but she provides
exceptional care for her patients because she really cares for them.

Dr. Vasile was recommended to us by a San Diego ophthalmologist in
2016. My son Joe was having problems with high eye pressure after he
had detached retina surgery.

Dr. Vasile operated on his eye and worked hard to decrease his eye pressure. She reduced it to a normal range over a three-year period of surgeries, patience, and substantial effort.

My wife and I were so appreciative for her fine work, we felt that she
deserved a prize. But what can you give to a doctor for great service?
After checking her background on the Shiley website and seeing that
she is from Romania, we found a picture of the Bucharest Medical
University from which she received her medical degree. It was easy
to print and frame for her. We are pleased that she really likes it and
appreciates the staff for being gracious to their patients and families.

Bill, Cary and Joe Rundle
Carlsbad, California

Dr. Cristiana Vasile is my hero!

Dr. Cristiana Vasile is my hero! She saved my eyes once and is doing so again. She is a lifesaver and cares deeply about her patients. It is a miracle that she has been able to put together my surgery and coordinate the Shiley team for me so quickly. Thank God and thank all of the wonderful people at Shiley!


Uncommonly thorough and personable and dedicated to her profession.

Dr. Cristiana Vasile is a world class Doctor. Uncommonly thorough and personable and dedicated to her profession, she is among the finest of doctors.

In her care one feels that she is doing everything possible to address eye issues. I have every confidence going forward that I will be in the best of care with her. I have heard her interact with other doctors and patients and find her to be direct yet comforting. She is well skilled in diagnostics, as well as procedures and takes a great deal of pride in her work helping others.

Jeanine Ann Mary

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Dr. Vasile! She is a thorough, kind and very knowledgeable doctor. I am so happy with the excellent care that I receive at the UCSD Shiley Eye Institute!

Janis, March 2022

Warm, engaging and authentic individual, a real “mensch.”

I am a retired physician who has seen Dr. Cristiana Vasile this past year for the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. She is a highly competent professional who gives great attention to detail. She’s also a warm, engaging and authentic individual, a real “mensch.” As a physician myself, I know quality care when I see it and receive it. Dr. Vasile and her team embody what good patient care can and should be.

I also want to give a shout out to Dr. Natalie Afshari and her team who diagnosed and performed cataract surgeries on both my eyes. My entire experience at Shiley has been wonderful and my eyesight is better than it’s been in years.

David 10/2021

Friendly, Professional, and Thorough

Dr. Cristiana Vasile and her team are friendly, professional, and thorough in their patient preparation. They provide excellent care and information for me as a patient.

And I love UC San Diego Health, who’s amazingly coordinated MyChart experience and the "machinery" behind it is such a game changer!

Sue, July 2021

Tremendous Respect

I have been seeing Dr. Cristiana Vasile for over 2 years now and she is outstanding! Dr. Vasile is a very caring and informative doctor who has great compassion for her patients. I have one working eye and she has been forthcoming with options and pitfalls for treatments to increase my quality of life. I appreciate her work AND working on my eye!

Donald, April 2021

Truly Grateful!

Dr. Cristiana Vasile’s greatest strength (after her glaucoma expertise!) is her exceptional communication skills. I think that the most important aspect of communication is listening, and she is a wonderful listener. She is the only ophthalmologist that I have ever seen who took the time to genuinely listen to my thoughts and concerns. She was patient and thoughtful in how she communicated with me and I am truly grateful for that. Not just high IQ but, just as importantly, high EQ.

She always responds promptly to my queries online as well, and once she did so even when she was on vacation - totally unexpected. She is devoted to her patients!

When I moved to Colorado recently, she was able to connect me with an exceptional ophthalmologist who normally does not take on any new patients. He did so at her request, which also tells you something about the respect she enjoys in the extended ophthalmology community.

I am truly grateful for all she has done for me.
Thank you, Dr. Vasile, for caring so much for your patients.


Very happy patient!

Dr. Vasile is possibly the best doctor in your system and I only wish I could have cloned her and bring her along with me. Wherever I am in the world, whether Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe, I fly back to San Diego just to see her. She's been taking care of my eyes for the past seven years and I couldn't have asked for a better person.

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